ProExtrusion next-gen MES
ProExtrusion next-gen MES

next-gen MES

The MES (Manufacturing Execution System) dedicated to the Aluminum Extrusion Process.



Extrusion System

ProEx is the family of applications that will give you the full control over the aluminum extrusion process, controlling the billet Furnace and the Press.

ProEx Applications

The project has been made using the last Microsoft Web Technology, and Microsoft SQL Server.

ProEx Server

It is the heart of the system. Background application that contain all the process logic.
Communicates with the PLC, the infrared cameras, the Database and the client. 
Using its web UI it is possible controll and debug all the PLC signals.

ProEx Client

Multi users web application, gives all the main information about the extrusion
. Using it,it is possible to controll all the extrusion parameters in a simple and intuitive way.

ProEx Review

It is possible Review all the extrusions back in time. Selecting the press, the order and play, 
all the extrusion data are shown seconds by seconds. Many other features like downtimes, users activity and more.

ProEx Data Analysis

Using the Database data it is possible create reports and graphs.

ProExtrusion next-gen MES for the Aluminum Extrusion Process

ProEx Plant Manager

Using this application it is possible create/modify:

- Downtime reason list

- Die recipe

- User Right

- More

Main Features

Recipe For every die

Recipe for RamSpeed and ExitTemp

Furnace Recipe

Automatic Downtime Colletion

Exit Temperature Control

Isothermal Extrusion

First Hot Billet

Collect Data every second

Multi User web system

User Activity Logged

Furnace Change Logged

Quench Rate


Extrusion Review

Less Scrap

More Productivity


We are able to show you all the features with our demo version.

A better way 

to extrude

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PLC interface

ProEx PLC specification are very easy to implement, most of the signals are already present in your PLC. We can communicate with all the PLC brands.
With Siemens and Allen-Bradley we do not need any OPC, we can communicate directly. OPC classic or UA are supported.


Installation is very simple with ProEx.
 Full remote installation. No Press Downtime. We can prepare the PLC interface and installing the ProEx software in advance. We have the tools to debug all the PLC signals. Windows Server 2022 Standard Edition as OS.

Infrared Camera

We work with all the major infrared camera brands.


VPN connection 24/7 to ProEx server.
Key electroengineering for industrial technology

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